Speeches and talks delivered


  1. Medicine in India - Bhopal.

  2. "Achanak Mrityu Ke Liye Chir-Pahar Ka Mahatva" - Bhopal.

  3. "Vigyan Sabke Liye"- Delhi (Doordarshan), (A film was made on disputed paternity - 1981 and application of H.L.A. Technique).

  4. "Aap Punchen Hum Batayen" - Bhopal.

  5. "Forensic Medicine Ki Avashyakta Kiyon Aur Kitni" - Bhopal.

  6. "Apradh Vivechana Main Forensic Medicine Ki Bhoomika" - Bhopal.

  7. Vyavasaya Main Romanchak Kshan-Chikitsa Main - Bhopal (Feb.88).


  1. Importance of spot examination. - Central Detective Training Institute, Training Institute, Chandigarh.
  2. Bride Burning - Lady Hardings Medical College, New Delhi, 1981.

  3. Special lectures on Forensic Medicine - M.P. Police Congress, Bhopal.

  4. Special lectures on Forensic Medicine - M.P. Police Training College, Sagar

  5. Forensic Pathology of Bride - XIX Annual Conference of   Burning, - National Academy of Medical Sciences, Bombay        

  6. Latest advance in Forensic Medicine - National Police Academy, Hyderabad 1982.

  7. Precautions to be observed by Police Officers - National Police Academy, Hyderabad 1982.  In relation of Forensic Medicine cases.

  8. Rape Law Consideration - Joint Committee of Parliament on Crime Law (Amendment), 1980.

  9. Burning of young females - Joint Committee of Parliament to examine the question of working of the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961.

  10. Sexual Perversions - 3rd Annual Conference of Sexology, Jabalpur.

  11. External Anatomy of sex Anomalies and Medicolegal Significance - Indian Medical Association.

  12. Forensic Medicine & its Application in Crimes and frauds (Probationers) - Punjab National Bank  in Banking.

  13. Crime and Common Man - State Bank of India Officers.

  14. "Medicolegal aspects of industrial Poisoning" - Patel Oration at Medical College, Bombay, 1985.

  15. Reconstructive Forensic Medicine - Police Officers of  Orissa State at Bhubaneswar, 1985. Centre JIPMER Pondichery, 25th Aug.1988.

  16. Lecture on Handling of Medicolegal cases - Academy of Admn.Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal 22nd April 1989.

  17. Lecture on Traffic Accident - P.H.Q., Bhopal.27th April 1989

  18. Lecture on Handling of Medicolegal cases - Academy of Admn. Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal 18th May 1989.

  19. Lecture on Traffic Accident - P.H.Q.,Bhopal.25th May 1989.

  20. Lecture on Traffic Accident - P.H.Q.,Bhopal. 29th June 1989.

  21. Lecture on Traffic Accident - P.H.Q.,Bhopal. 20th July 1989.

  22. Presided over THE 1st. SAARC  Conference - PUNJABI UNIVERSITY Patiala, 1995.

  23. Medicolegal Aspects of Bhopal Aerosol Tragedy 1984 - IIT DELHI 1996.

  24. Attended the 14th Meeting the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS) -Tokyo Japan,  August 26-30, 1996.

  25. Attended The Third International Symposium Advances In Legal Medicine (ISALM) - Osaka Japan,  September 2-4, 1996.

  26. Delivered "Berry Oration" IMA Nagpu - 29th September 1996

  27. Invited to delivered Valedictory Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science New Delhi - 23rd September 1996.

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Photograph One and Two - Prof. Heeresh Chandra

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Then Vice President Hon'ble Justice Shri. Hidayatulla Inspecting Museum on the occasion of First World Congress