Educational Qualification


                    Prof. Heeresh Chandra has his early education in Narsinghpur, Jabalpur and Allahabad. He did his I.Sc with Mathematics and later with biology. He was admitted to the newly opened Engineering College and Medical College, both in Nagpur. There was a conflict in the minds of the father and the son. The son wanted to join the Engineering College where in the qualifying examination he secured 1st Division; where as the father insisted to go for medicine and his opinion had to prevail. At the selection committee of the medical college, he many times pressed that he is a 3rd divisioner in medical group. But due to his fine sports record and good division in I.Sc. Maths, he was selected to be a medical student.


                    With this multifaceted, successful career he graduated from the Nagpur University. He was the first Gazzetted officer to take over the newly created Medical College at Jabalpur in 1955 as Demonstrator in Anatomy and later Curator/Lecturer in 1956. He did his M.S.(Anatomy) from Nagpur University, M.D.(Forensic Medicine) from Patna University and there after LL.B. in 1976 from Bhopal University. He rose to the rank of Professor in Anatomy. All the appointment from Demonstrator to Professor were through P.S.C. He took charge as Professor of Anatomy, Gandhi Medical College on 18th December, 1967 and subsequently in 1968 as Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine which was his basic thrust of life.


He created and founded the first Medicolegal Institute in the country in 1976 as Quasi-Judicial Institution which was independent of any pressures and motives. The best service rendered in the Institute as a Director-Professor, was at the time of Bhopal Aerosol Tragedy of 1984. It appears and the scientific community of India also express that, as if, the institute was created to handle the tragedy in anticipation of it.


  • MS (Anatomy)
  • MD (Forensic Medicine)
  • LL B
  • FAMS (Fellow of the National Academy of Medical Sciences)
  • FAFSc (Fellow of the Academy of Forensic Sciences)
  • FAFMed (Fellow of the Academy of Forensic Medicine)


1 Editor of Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine, 1976-82
2 Editor of Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine, 1986- 1990.
3 Organizing Secretary of the Ist All India Conference of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine, 1976.
4 President of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine, 1981-84.
5 Organizing Secretary of World Congress on Forensic Medicine, 1984.
6 Vice President, Indo Pacific Congress on Legal Medicine & Forensic Sciences, 1983-1986.
7 Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Bhopal University, Bhopal. 1986-87.
8 Re-elected Vice President, Indo Pacific Congress on Legal Medicine & Forensic Sciences. 1986-89 and 1989-92.
9 Member, Scientific Advisory Board, ICMR, New Delhi, 1988-91.


Member, CHEMICAL HAZARDS COMMITTEE, Ministry of Environment and Forest.