Conferences, Training Programs & Exhibitions Organised

  1. First Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine, 1976.  
  2. Since the Birth of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine (IAFM) no department could take the responsibility of holding the conference of IAFM till 1976. This Institute is proud of organizing the First Conference of IAFM in 1976. The conference was Inaugurated by H.E. Governor of M.P. Shirr Satya Narayana Sinha.
  3. First World Congress and Sixth Annual Conference of Academy of Forensic Medicine. In January 1984, this Institute again took the responsibility and successfully organized the First World Congress of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology and Sixth Annual Conference of Academy of Forensic Medicine. Nearly fifty eminent Forensic Experts from all over the World and about 200 Indian delegates attended the participated in the conference.
  4. First Conference of M.P. Chapter Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine (IAFM) was organized in Jan 1984. Nearly  250 Assistant Surgeons Attended this Conference. A refresher course was also organized for them.

Training Programs

As per recommendation of  Survey Committee Report On Medico Legal Practices in India 1964, Submitted by Dr. Bhushan Rao,  Training Programs were organized. As per recommendation the Institute could Realize the need of training of various Personals, who are engaged in the maintenance of Law, Order & Justice in close association with Medical profession. The Law, Order & Justice are considered  the tripod of Peace loving Society. The insatiate was created to help in maintaining this tripod by it's contribution in the field of medical profession. We have been able to impart Medicolegal Training to various agencies in this Insatiate as follows

  1. Training to Medical Officers from  1982 onwards 8 courses were organized and nearly 100 candidates passed out.
  2. Training to Police Officers, training was organized for almost every rank of Police Officer from Head Constable to IPS officers.  From 1984-86, 196 Head Constables  and From 1982-87, 102 ASI, and in 1996, 17 DY.S.P. and from 1082-86 17 IPS officers.
  3. Further training was given to Police Officers who were deputed to Participate in All India Police Duty Meet. From 1982-198, 34 officers were trained.
  4. Training were also organized through Lectures and demonstration for Investigating Officers in District and Sub-Divisional Level. In Sept 1987 15 IPS, 2 DY.S.P. and 30 other Rank attended the Course. In 1997 at Raisen nearly 150 Police Officers attended the course. In 1988 nearly 200 police officers attended at Hoshangabad.

Training Program for Judicial Officers.

        The need of Medicolegal training for the Judicial officers who delivered the final Judgement and put full stop in Medico Legal cases was realized by the Hon'ble High court of Madhya Pradesh. The short term medico legal training course have been organized  with the kind co-operation of the Hon'ble High Court in this Institute as Follows:

  1. Sept 1987 - 20 Officers, March 1988 - 21 Officers

Exhibitions Organized

The exhibitions are organised by various disciplines to display the information regarding the achievements for the information and knowledge of the public. Unless the activities of the discipline, particularly the Science if not displayed to the public, it appears unrealistic and unscientific to them. keeping this in view this institute has organised various exhibitions for the purpose.

The various exhibitions organised by the Institute are as follows :

1. In 1976, the Institute participated and displayed many scientific facts by way of specimens, models, photographs. In the exhibitions organised by M.P. Police Department Bhopal at the Community Hall Bhopal . The activities of this science were witnessed by more than a lakh people. This exhibitions was continued for two weeks. training and exhibition 2.gif (58076 bytes)

2. In 1977, the Government of M.P. organised a big fare at Bhilai Where almost every Government department participated in i6t and this Institute was no exception and organised its own exhibition in the fare. The activities and achievements were witnessed and appreciated by about 10 lakhs people.e

training_and_exhibition_2.gif (58076 bytes)

3. In 1984, during the Police exhibition held at community Hall T.T. Nagar, Bhopal. this Institute again participated and displayed its activities for the public. The exhibition continue4d for 10 days. and appreciated by every one.

4. In 1984, during the silver Jubilee celebration of Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal;. The Institute organised an exhibition for the public in the Medical College building which was witnessed and appreciated by many dignitaries and large numbers of people.


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